Carien in English

CTnewCarien Touwen is a Dutch author, editor and publisher. Carien grew up as a shy little girl with a great imagination. She kept a diary since she could write and as a child she was already ‘making’ magazines and she often wrote short stories. Working with language is her childhood dream coming true since becoming an astronaut sadly was a little out of her reach…

Carien is from Arnhem (the Netherlands), lived in Cape Town (South Africa) for one and half year and has been living in Brussels (Belgium) since August 2011. She is fluent in Dutch and English.

In 1999 Carien got a Master in business economics but realised quite soon after working in that area that she wanted to do something different with her life: writing. Since 2002 she wrote many short stories in Dutch, finished two (unpublished) novels and the memoir’s of an African colonist’s daughter (in English).  She is currently working on a new novel and a screenplay. Both will be in English.
Carien blogs in English about her twins (born in 2015).

Carien was one of the owners of the Dutch publishing house Parelz (2009-2015) that specialized in short stories. She was also the editor-in-chief of Azra Magazine, a literary magazine that focused on bringing writers and readers together (2012-2015).

Hiring Carien

Carien is available for proofreading manuscripts of novels and short stories in both Dutch and English. She is a skilled ‘script doctor’ and can help other writers find the ‘missing links’ in their story or other points that stop a story from flowing perfectly.

Carien is also available for interviewing other writing professionals and for writing columns and blogs. You can contact her for more information on info @